Chrissy has lived in Nepal for 10 years now and had made adventure travel her life. She takes care of everything 'online' before handing you over to the safe hands of Janice and Khari. Got a question about Nepal? Then Chrissy's your lady! Having successfully ran a rafting company in Nepal for nearly a decade, she decided it was time to offer the whole package, and hence High Horizons was born.


Khari is our chief trekking guide and the main organiser of all our treks. We met Khari back in 2014 when he was working as a freelance guide and we were lucky enough to have him guide us safely to Everest Base Camp. Since then he's been part of our dream team!


Janice is our go to lady in Nepal. Once you've made your booking through Chrissy, Janice is the one to take over. She handles all the in country bookings, hotel accomdation, transport, you name it, she does it! Janice is your main contact in Nepal and the one to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Janice previously worked with Chrissy at a charity in Pokhara. She has has an incredible voice, so make sure you check out one of her gigs whilst your in town.


Our raft guide extraordinare. Maila has been a raft guide since he can remember and is one of the best in the business. If you have a rafting element on your trip, be it a day trip or expedition then Maila is the man to guide your down safely. He also has a resort on the Trisuli river that we frequently use for yoga, village treks and generally a great spot to stop, unwind and enjoy being immersed in nature (we've even spotted a leopard sunning himself on a rock there once!)


Our trekking Guru. Chrissy met Mahendra back in 2012, when she needed a yoga teacher to go on one of her rafting expeditions. At that point, Mahendra had never been rafting and he couldn't swim at all. Since then, he's been on countless expeditions with us and is firm member of the team. He loves reading and talking about literature and philosophy and is an incredible person to spend a few days with